The role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in India’s emerging defence environment is instrumental in augmenting the indigenisation of Defence Production in India. India’s Defence Production Policy recognises this by laying a special emphasis on the SME sector.

Indian SME’s have a great potential to develop new and innovative products. OIS-AT is positioned to encourage and advance this development of its partner SME’s in key technology areas, with leverage for Offsets.

OIS-AT continues to work with SME’s to identify these products and services, suitable for offsets and for their deployment in global markets. It’s strategic SME partnership programme has a careful process of identifying qualified SME’s in select technology areas for Defence, Civil Aviation and Homeland Security. OIS-AT extends support to its strategic SME partners with a support portfolio that includes:

  • Initiating developmental projects
  • Capability Enhancement
  • Skill updating
  • Creation/enhancement of infrastructure
  • Marketing advisory and support services
  • Proactive development funding
  • Partnership with global players
  • Policy and regulatory guidance

OIS-AT specifically works with partners who have the drive and culture to become world leaders.

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