C4ISR Systems are the true power of information in battle space. The modern digital battle space and requirement for situational awareness is greatly increasing demand for C4ISR technologies. Today’s war fighter expects rapid and easy access to critical mission data anywhere, anytime

C4I system gathers data from the remote sensors, transports it over secure network and presents Tactical picture in real-time to command for faster decision making & deployment of weapons

Garnering the power of C4ISR, Indian Defence establishments are moving from platform centric operations to net-centric operations. Accordingly, various C4I and Tactical C3I programs are under implementation for defence.

OIS-AT is positioned to support these programmes with:

  • System Requirements
  • Software Development
  • Information Integration
  • Data fusion
  • Systems Integration
  • Quality system

Areas of activity are:

  • Cluster networking for Radars
  • Radio links & Display systems
  • Sensor Integration
  • Network Interface
  • C4I solutions for:
    1. Battlefield Management
    2. Battlefield Surveillance
    3. Naval Combat Management