Ports remain the primary gateway for international trade and the security of these ports cannot be understated. As economic centers of gravity, ports are a high value target for terrorists and armed forces. Maritime environment has its own challenges, in which traditional surveillance methods may not be effective. Threat detection on the waterfront itself is different from those in other critical sectors. Under water detection systems, Surveillance systems and identification system would require to be linked to command and control system to enable appropriate responses. Port Security requires a solution, which has reliable day and night, all-weather surveillance to detect ships and small crafts at a distance of several nautical miles while allowing smooth integration with existing sensors such as radars, AIS, visible cameras etc. We provide 360-degree solutions for over the surface, perimeter, underwater and aerial surveillance

Innovative solution to engage vessels with high strength wires to slowdown target vessels and intercept
Laser beam scanning over predetermined zones with effectiveness over land and water. Provides tracking data within the scan area.
Effective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.
Underwater site security system to combat asymmetric threats from terrorists/commando divers. Classification algorithms effectively separate between types of divers and other sea activity.
Fast, Secure and Reliable access control solutions granting authenticated users access to specified areas, specified times and other custom security scenarios.
Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering
System provides intrusion localization for mesh fences used for perimeter intrusion protection. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered and tamper proof.
Effectively monitors coast line for vessel traffic, search & rescue for distressed vehicle, contraband surveillance and illegal immigration by sea.
High Definition Autofocus with optical zoom provides images day and night with illumination using infrared/ultra bright light