Fixed Wing UAV

Surveillance solutions for multiple applications with choice of payloads capacity, endurance, features.

Rotary UAV/Quad Copter

Effective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.

Handheld UAV

Manportable & fast deployment for situational awareness during day/night

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.


All-terrain vehicle for inland/border/coastal patrol in inaccessible areas of marshland, swamps, mud, sand, ice & snow.


Rapid deployment, minimal logistics, low cost solutions for large area fixed surveillance & emergency surveillance.


Wide range of utilization for Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Surveillance and Mapping applications.

All-Terrain Vehicle

All-Terrain Tracked Vehicle for Patrolling, reconnaissance, rescue mission for toughtest terrain like marsh, ice, mountain, mud, shallow water, road, grass etc.