Frequent acts of terrorism have led to growing concern that terrorists may attack Offshore platforms which have been mentioned as potential targets. Due to the prevailing security problems, the Offshore Industry faces immense losses from pirates as well. Offshore security would involve surveillance systems for over water and under water surveillance combined with Electro Optics systems, identification systems and Integrated displays. The range of surveillance systems to provide requisite early warning, would be based on the threat perception and response time needed by the security team. We focus on providing 360-degree security solutions for threats approaching over the water, underwater and from the air.

Surveillance solutions for multiple applications with choice of payloads capacity, endurance, features.
Laser beam scanning over predetermined zones with effectiveness over land and water. Provides tracking data within the scan area.
Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering
Long range target tracking for perimeter security, Border Security and High value assets under daylight, ultra-low light and fog conditions.
Underwater site security system to combat asymmetric threats from terrorists/commando divers. Classification algorithms effectively separate between types of divers and other sea activity.
Effectively monitors coast line for vessel traffic, search & rescue for distressed vehicle, contraband surveillance and illegal immigration by sea.
Surveillance radar, low cost solution for situational awareness for critical asset protection, border surveillance; detection of UAVs, low flying and slow targets