The high value mining industry worldwide faces some unique security threats. Locals affected by the activities cause nuisance by breaching perimeters and halting production, and much worse, terrorists carry out robberies of explosive stores causing massive casualties in the process. The diverse range of terrains where mining activities are present, places its own set of challenges to security officers. Surveillance and response technologies need to be carefully selected and planned to match the requirements of terrain, threat perception and response time.

Buried fibre optic cable monitors movement of persons & vehicles and digging activities along the long stretches of border, perimeters, jungles and riverbeds.
Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering
Rapid deployment, minimal logistics, low cost solutions for large area fixed surveillance & emergency surveillance.
System provides intrusion localization for mesh fences used for perimeter intrusion protection. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered and tamper proof.
The state-of-the-art UGS provides covert monitoring of perimeters, borders and access routes in tough terrain. Long battery lives and easy deployment make these ideal gap fillers.
Easily implementable, reliable and effective deterrence for intrusions over long distances. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered.
Effective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.
Rapidly deployable surveillance camera with integrated wireless transmission and recording features for special operations, mobile units and areas without infrastructure support.
Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.
Light weight, rugged cooled and uncooled sights for day/night and all weather use. Latest Generation technology ensures world-leading specs.
Perimeter intrusion sensing with highly dissuasive stainless steel wire electrified with non-lethel high voltage