OIS-AT is a Systems Integrator in the Homeland Security arena in India and select foreign markets providing Security Solutions for a wide spectrum of requirements covering border, critical infrastructure, coastal, anti-insurgency, offshore platforms etc. Design of innovative and cost effective solutions, coupled with state-of-the-art sensors/platforms, especially suitable for specific terrains/environment are provided. Apart from this, strong capabilities are available for system design, field integration, maintenance and manufacturing.

OIS-AT has a high technology focus in selection of the sensors we bring to our clients. We provide our clients with world leading sensors to be able to detect and determine the threat from remote locations. These sensors are evaluated, tested and benchmarked to ensure they are cost competitive along with being robust and user-friendly. We also provide certain delay and deterrence products that are class leading in their categories. We have an unmatched range of platforms that can be used on independent missions or integrated with a variety of sensors for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) purposes. All security systems are integrated to provide a central userfriendly interface for effective monitoring, control and response. Command & Control System (C4ISR) is one of the key thrust areas where we have capabilities to provide solutions from the smallest to the largest project/client.

We have positioned ourselves as integrated solution provider to meet customer organization requirements and provide long term support as well as life cycle management of the systems. We are also continuously striving towards product innovation and customization. We aim to differentiate ourselves by giving appropriate solutions to achieve customer goals in cost effective manner, equally effective long-term support to ensure desired serviceability and smooth obsolescence management.