Critical Infrastructure Security demands robust and reliable technology products capable in detection and recognition of various types of threats in the worst of weather conditions. A control room provides a centralized view of the threats from the software controlling all the systems, as well as actions to take for each type of breach or threat scenario. In selection of technology, the threat perception of the user is of primary importance along with surrounding areas, terrain, weather, soil, vegetation etc. A qualified system integrator would play a key role in study and selection of systems best suited for the site requirements, in proper installation and timely after sales support.

Miniature Radar for detection and tracking of humans and vehicles during day/night and all weather conditions for a high precision alternative to other detection technologies at a low cost.
Fast, Secure and Reliable access control solutions granting authenticated users access to specified areas, specified times and other custom security scenarios.
Easily implementable, reliable and effective deterrence for intrusions over long distances. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered.
High Definition Autofocus with optical zoom provides images day and night with illumination using infrared/ultra bright light
System provides intrusion localization for mesh fences used for perimeter intrusion protection. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered and tamper proof.
Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.
Effective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.
Manportable & fast deployment for situational awareness during day/night