Terrorism and insurgency poses a significant threat to people, institutions and states worldwide. Security forces need to be equipped with state of the art systems for quick, effective and precise response. These would include assault platforms, adequate weapon systems, situation awareness tools, command and communication tools, protective gear, jammers etc. A whole range of intelligence equipment would facilitate tracking of suspects and collection of intelligence to pre-empt undesired events. Our approach is to equip users, from the command room to the field, with adequate detection, tracking, and response systems to minimize risks posed by terrorists and insurgents.

Airborne SAR for all weather –day /night terrain imaging, for security forces to operate, patrol roads & track targets under dense foliage/forest
Radar imaging through –wall for instant situational awareness and target data acquisition
Manportable & fast deployment for situational awareness during day/nightEffective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.
Rapidly deployable surveillance camera with integrated wireless transmission and recording features for special operations, mobile units and areas without infrastructure support.
Accoustic sensors are to monitor, classify and locate acoustic events in 3D space like artillery fire, and sound of vehicle / helicopters. Applicable for security installations and as UAV payloads.
Light weight, rugged cooled and uncooled sights for day/night and all weather use. Latest Generation technology ensures world-leading specs.
Advanced Radio frequency jammers to neutralize threats of Radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RC-IED) used by terrorists.
Direction finders are used to monitor radio sources position and direction to provide early warning from intruders carrying phones/radios.
Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.