Securing coastlines is of utmost importance to a number of nations as protection of economic zones, territorial lines and seafaring traffic are of national importance. Unlike land borders it is not possible to define the ‘border line’ or ‘prohibited zones’ and the interspersed traffic patterns may have an innocuous hostile element. Terrorist attacks in the recent past have proved many a nation’s vulnerability and exposed chinks in the amour. The real challenge in the integrated solution, comprising of suitable technologies, will be cost effective identification system to instantly short list potential threats for response. Very precise detection and determination systems are required as visual verification of targets is not usually possible from observation posts. Our approach is to provide effective information to mobile surveillance and response teams, as well as systems for non-lethal deterrence.

Effectively monitors coast line for vessel traffic, search & rescue for distressed vehicle, contraband surveillance and illegal immigration by sea.
Underwater site security system to combat asymmetric threats from terrorists/commando divers. Classification algorithms effectively separate between types of divers and other sea activity.
Easily implementable, reliable and effective deterrence for intrusions over long distances. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered.
Rapid deployment, minimal logistics, low cost solutions for large area fixed surveillance & emergency surveillance.
Innovative solution to engage vessels with high strength wires to slowdown target vessels and intercept
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All-terrain vehicle for inland/border/coastal patrol in inaccessible areas of marshland, swamps, mud, sand, ice & snow.
Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering
High Definition Autofocus with optical zoom provides images day and night with illumination using infrared/ultra bright light