Airport security is a matter of great concern for civil and military airport authorities. Airports have long been under threat by terrorists due to their central role in a nation’s economy as well as the presence of high value and number of targets. Traditional security strategies involving vehicle patrol, guard posts and video cameras leave many blind spots to potential breaches and attacks. With no safeguards in place, a perimeter breach could be devastating. An ideal solution would provide total all weather 24/7 visibility to maintain complete perimeter control at all times, while optimizing manpower resources deployed. Technical solution should give integrated situational picture, monitor potential threats, identify threats and coordinate forces and all this at a reasonable cost. Our approach is to address the latest threat perceptions of airports and provide foolproof security systems that are easy to operate for the user.

Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering
Buried fibre optic cable monitors movement of persons & vehicles and digging activities along the long stretches of border, perimeters, jungles and riverbeds.
The state-of-the-art UGS provides covert monitoring of perimeters, borders and access routes in tough terrain. Long battery lives and easy deployment make these ideal gap fillers.
Provides high resolution detection of targets for defence and security applications of Border Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection.
High Definition Autofocus with optical zoom provides images day and night with illumination using infrared/ultra bright light
Easily implementable, reliable and effective deterrence for intrusions over long distances. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered.
Miniature Radar for detection and tracking of humans and vehicles during day/night and all weather conditions for a high precision alternative to other detection technologies at a low cost.
Surveillance radar, low cost solution for situational awareness for critical asset protection, border surveillance; detection of UAVs, low flying and slow targets
Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.
Perimeter intrusion sensing with highly dissuasive stainless steel wire electrified with non-lethel high voltage
Laser beam scanning over predetermined zones with effectiveness over land and water. Provides tracking data within the scan area.
Accoustic sensors are to monitor, classify and locate acoustic events in 3D space like artillery fire, and sound of vehicle/helicopters. Applicable for security installations and as UAV payloads.